The customer is always right? Not likely!

Working in retail requires a certain level of diplomacy, as you are confronted on a daily basis with views and opinions that often differ widely from our own.
Today I came into contact with a particular individual, whose comments regarding refugees and immigrants was, at best xenophobic and ignorant; at worst bigoted and frankly, sickening. It became clear that whatever I said wasn't going to cause an epiphany and an immediate change of heart, so I politely suggested we change the topic.
After he had left, it struck me as desperately sad that one person can close themselves off so tightly that they are deliberately surrounded with vitriol and hatred. Paradoxically, it caused me to reflect on my own circumstances.
Without intent or design, the majority of my closest friends were born outside the UK. I consider this to be a wonderful thing, and I am grateful for them sharing knowledge, insights, perspective and traditions that I might never otherwise come across.
So...thank you to all my amazing make my life richer, and are more cherished than you could possibly know.

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