From graphite, coloured, soft, waxy, pastel, charcoal, to watersoluble.....we stock a lot of pencils! 

We stock Cretacolour Graphite pencils. Made in Austria, they are beautifully smooth, allowing for fine detail or soft, smudgy blending and shading. Available loose or in tins from 9H through to 9B.


Available both loose and in 12 and 24 tins, this range of watersoluble pencil is a traditional pencil but with a twist. It is made with graphite, but has added pigment in order to get subtle variations in colour. It is perfect for where gentler tinting is required, and, once wet, the colours become stronger and more obvious. A very innovative medium.

This range of coloured pencil is beautifully soft, with a rich pigment intensity. With 72 colours available both loose and in 12, 24, 36 and the full range in a wooden box, these are perfect for the serious pencil artist.


These are gorgeous pencils with a very particular soft, slightly waxy feel. The colours are deliberately muted; more landscape/portrait orientated rather than bright colours, and they look stunning when used on tinted paper. We stock them loose and in tins of 6, 12 and 24.

These pencils are charcoal mixed with pigment. Like the Graphitint, the colours are muted when used dry, but are bolder once wet. Available in a limited range of 24 colours, we stock them loose and in tins. Useful when used in conjunction with willow charcoal when detail is required.


A brand new range of pencils from Derwent aimed at the professional artist, developed to have excellent lightfastness and strength of colour. We carry the tins only, in: 12's, 24's 36 and 72.

A variation on the standard watercolour pencil. Inktense, as their name suggests, are exceptionally inky when wet, allowing for strong washes of colour to be laid down. Once dry, they won't re-wet, so glazes can be achieved with ease, creating great depth of colour. Available loose and in the full range of tins as well as the wooden box.

These pencils have a slimmer lead, allowing for crisp, fine detailed work. Firmer that the Coloursoft, they retain their point longer, meaning that they don't need re-sharpening as often. We don't keep them loose, but have the 12's, 24's and 36 tins, plus the full set in the wooden box.

Faber Castell are superb pencil manufacturers, and Polychromos stands alone in it's category. Unusually, it is oil based, which gives it a unique, creamy soft feel when applying. We don't sell them loose, but have the tins of 12, 24, 36 and 60.

Delicious watercolour pencils from Faber Castell. Available in a mouthwatering 120 colours, they are soft, blendable and have excellent lightfast properties. We now stock the loose pencils as well as tins. Come in and have a try!

Arguably one of the best pastel pencils on the market. It doesn't have the colour range of Derwent, but the lead is thinner, allowing for excellent detail work, and it doesn't feel gritty or 'grabby' when colouring. We keep loose stock and 12, 24, 36 and 60 tin sets.

A range of pencils of the highest quality that include graphite, carbon, charcoal, Pierre Noir (a velvety black) and a sanguine and sepia selection much like the Old Masters would have used. Sold singly and in blister pack sets.

Pentel P120 Series.

Available in 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9

Leads sold in varying grades.

Aristo 3fit

Available in 0.5, 0.7, 0.9

Leads sold in varying grades

Totiens 2mm Lead Pencil

Leads sold in varying grades.

These gorgeous, German M&R solid brass pencil sharpeners are spectacular. Beautifully made, simple and of the highest quality. No bells and whistles, just pure design. We also sell the blades, so there is no reason they wouldn't last a lifetime. 

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