papers, Card and canvasses

We stock a wide variety of paper for different media. Listed below is part of the range we carry.

Watercolour Paper in loose sheets

Bockingford 140lb Not 

Bockingford 140lb Hot Pressed

Bockingford 200lb Not

Bockingford 250lb Not

Saunders Waterford 140lb Hot Pressed

Saunders Waterford 140lb Not

Saunders Waterford 140lb Rough

Saunders Waterford 200lb Hot Pressed

Saunders Waterford 200lb Not

Saunders Waterford 200lb Rough

Saunders Waterford 300lb Hot Pressed

Saunders Waterford 300lb Not

Saunders Waterford 300lb Rough

Fabriano Artistico 140lb Hot Pressed

Fabriano Artistico 140lb Not

Fabriano Artistico 140lb Rough

Fabriano Artistico 300lb Hot Pressed

Fabriano Artistico 300lb Not 

Fabriano Artistico 300lb Rough

Fabriano 5 140lb Hot Pressed

Arches Aquarelle 140lb Hot Pressed

Arches Aquarelle 140lb Not

Arches Aquarelle 300lb Hot Pressed

Arches Aquarelle 300lb Not

Canson Moulin Du Roy 140lb Hot Pressed

Canson Moulin Du Roy 140lb Not 


Canson Mi-Teintes

A4 and 50 x 75cm in assorted colours.

The paper has a rough side which has a honeycomb texture, and then a smoother side which is suitable for finer detailed work.


We stock:

Winsor and Newton Cotton Canvasses

Loxley Clear Gesso Linen Canvasses

Daler Rowney Simply Canvas Panels

Fredrix Canvas Panels

Winsor and Newton Canvas Panels

coloured paper and card

Watercolour Pads

Bockingford 140lb (300g) Hot Pressed Pads and Spirals
Bockingford 140lb (300g) Not Pads and Spirals

Hahnemuhle papers

Harmony Range


An amazing surface sized watercolour paper that comes in hot pressed, not and rough finish. What impresses most, though, is the price. At nearly half the cost of Daler Rowney Langton, the Harmony  range has taken over as a best seller, beating even the ever reliable Bockingford. Available in blocks in a wide variety of sizes, and in A4 and A3 in spiral format. This is not cheap paper...this is top quality paper that is astonishingly economical.

Expression Range


Launched at the same time as the Harmony, the Expression range is 100% cotton. It is surface sized for all wet painting techniques, and consequently, masking fluid can be used with confidence without fear of lifting or staining the paper. Once more, the price point is impressive, at roughly half the cost of an equivalent Saunders Waterford pad. Currently, it only comes in not finish, and in block format, but we are hoping that may change given it's popularity.

Watercolour Travel Books


A lovely hardbacked watercolour sketchbook that is perfect for painting on the go, be it at lunch break or on holiday. With 200gsm acid free paper and 30 sheets, this lovely book will tuck in your pocket, ready to capture your memories or latest inspiration. 

We stock it in A5 and A6 landscape format.

Sketching & Drawing

Skizze Range

Hahnemuhle Skizze 120 sketch pad
Hahnemuhle Skizze 190 sketch pad

Simple, smooth, bright white cartridge pads from Hahnemuhle. Acid free, and perfect for all dry media as well as ink and drawing pens. Available in two weights: 120gsm for lighter work, and 190gsm, where a heavier grade paper is required.

Stocked in pad format in A5, A4, A3 and A2. 

The Grey Book & The Cappuccino Book


Available in A4 and A5 formats, these sketch books are perfect when you want to draw with a tinted background. Light grey and milky cappuccino respectively, they will take both pencil and pen with ease, even working well with acrylic markers. Although they have a smooth finish, I have found them suitable for pastel pencils and charcoal, with both lights and darks working well on the tinted surface. 

Pink Pig Sketchbooks

pink pig pic.jpg
pink pig sk.jpg

A bestseller, and it's easy to see why.

Lovely, acid free paper, perfect for all dry media (and light watercolour according to a customer!) and available in a rainbow of beautiful silk and banana paper covers. As you may be able to see from the photo, they are emblazoned with our logo. We stock A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 and

8 x 8" and 6 x 6".



zig zag.jpg

Zig-Zag books offer a unique sketching experience. Instead of loose pages, these are folded in a continuous concertina, allowing you to expand your drawing for the full length of the book should you choose. A brilliant concept, made even more fun by the mini sketchbook, which is only 5 x 5cm square!