Winsor and Newton Winton Oils

Winton is an excellent starting point for an oil painter. With a range of 47 colours, it offers superb value for money along side a good quality paint. Used by both students and professionals alike. 

Winsor and Newton Artisan Watermixable Oils

These paints work in the same way as traditional oils, but without the need for hazardous solvents. There are a range of mediums and thinners designed to use with them, and of course the added bonus of being able to clean your brushes in water. Available in 40 fully mixable colours.

Winsor and Newton Griffin Alkyd Oil Paints.

Designed for the impatient oil painter! Manufactured to dry considerably faster than traditional oils, they are slightly more transparent, allowing for glazing techniques to be completed in a session. There are 48 colours in this very useful range.

Winsor and Newton Professional Oils

For the artist who doesn't want to compromise on quality. Manufactured to the highest standard using the finest pigments, this range of 116 colours can be used thickly in an impasto style, or very thinly creating a luminous glaze. Feels like painting with butter (or very smooth hummus if you're vegan!)

winton Full Colour Range and Information

Artisan Full Colour Range And Information

Griffin Full Colour Range And Information

Professional Oils Full Colour Chart and Information

Cobalt Blue Pro.jpg
Manganese Blue Hue Pro.jpg
Phthalo Turquoise Pro.jpg
Cobalt Turquoise Pro.jpg
Cobalt Turquoise light Pro.jpg
Cobalt Green Pro.jpg
Cadmium Green Pale Pro.jpg
Winsor Emerald Pro.jpg
Permanent Green Light Pro.jpg
Permanent Green Pro.jpg
Permanent Green Deep Pro.jpg
Terre Verte Pro.jpg
Oxide of Chromium Pro_Fotor.jpg
Chrome Green Deep Hue Pro_Fotor.jpg
Cobalt Chromite Green Pro_Fotor.jpg
Viridian Pro_Fotor.jpg
Winsor Green Yellow Shade Pro_Fotor.jpg
Winsor Green Phthalo Pro_Fotor.jpg
Prussian Green Pro_Fotor.jpg
Sap Green Pro_Fotor.jpg
Olive Green Pro_Fotor.jpg
Green Gold Pro_Fotor.jpg
Naples Yellow Deep Pro_Fotor.jpg
Yellow Ochre Pale Pro_Fotor.jpg
Yellow Ochre Pro_Fotor.jpg
Raw Sienna Pro_Fotor.jpg
Transparent Brown Oxide Pro_Fotor.jpg
Transparent Maroon Pro_Fotor.jpg
Terra Rosa Pro_Fotor.jpg
Light Red Pro_Fotor.jpg
Jaune Brilliant Pro_Fotor.jpg
Naples Yellow Light Pro_Fotor.jpg
Yellow Ochre Light Pro_Fotor.jpg
Gold Ochre Pro_Fotor.jpg
Transparent Gold Ochre Pro_Fotor.jpg
Burnt Sienna Pro_Fotor.jpg
Brown Ochre Pro_Fotor.jpg
Transparent Red Ochre Pro_Fotor.jpg
Venetian Red Pro_Fotor.jpg
Indian Red Pro_Fotor.jpg
Mars Violet Deep Pro_Fotor.jpg
Brown Madder Pro_Fotor.jpg
Burnt Umber Pro_Fotor.jpg
Vandyke Brown Pro_Fotor.jpg
Raw Umber Light Pro_Fotor.jpg
Charcoal Grey Pro_Fotor.jpg
Raw Umber Pro_Fotor.jpg
Raw Umber Green Shade Pro_Fotor.jpg
Davy's Grey Pro_Fotor.jpg
Indigo Pro_Fotor.jpg
Payne's Grey Pro_Fotor.jpg
Blue black Pro_Fotor.jpg
Mars Black Pro_Fotor.jpg
Ivory Black Pro_Fotor.jpg
Lamp Black Pro.jpg
Perylene Black Pro_Fotor.jpg
Flake White Hue Pro_Fotor.jpg
Titanium White Pro_Fotor.jpg
Underpainting White Pro_Fotor.jpg
Zinc White Pro_Fotor.jpg
Gold Pro_Fotor.jpg
Renaissance Gold Pro_Fotor.jpg
Copper Pro_Fotor.jpg
Bronze Pro_Fotor.jpg
Pewter Pro_Fotor.jpg
Silver Pro_Fotor.jpg