My journey with enamels has altered dramatically from when I first started. From 'painting' flat onto copper tiles, I now hand saw my own shapes, making them more tactile and 3 dimensional. This transition extends the preparation time dramatically, as the edges have to be filed and sanded numerous times to remove burrs, but the effort is worth it as showcases the different ways that enamel can be manipulated.

Moor and Moor (1)_Fotor

Moor and Moor SOLD

Needs Moor Green (1)

Needs Moor Green SOLD

She Sells Seashells III_ (1)

She Sells Seashells SOLD

Blue Spires

Blue Spires SOLD


Summery SOLD


Poppies Framed 3D Enamel. SOLD

What Lies Beneath VI

What lies beneath VI Framed Enamel. SOLD

Needs Moor Blue

'Needs Moor Blue' Framed Enamel. SOLD.

Two's Company

'Two's Company' Framed 3D Enamel.

Wall II

'Wall II' Framed Enamel. SOLD

Winter Glory

'Winter Glory' Framed Enamel. SOLD


'Strata' Framed Enamel. SOLD

High and Mighty

'High and Mighty' Framed 3D Enamel. SOLD

The Boys are back in town.

'The Boys are back in town' Framed 3D Enamel. SOLD